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Terrene Cake Eater 27.5x2.8" & 29x2.8" Studless

Terrene Cake Eater 27.5x2.8" & 29x2.8" Studless

Borealis Bikes Canada
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  27.5x2.8" 29x2.8"
60 tpi Tough Folding 5 0
120 tpi Light Folding 0 0

Fast Rolling Studdable

Gliding over a frozen lake or twisting through a groomed trail—winter riding is best enjoyed with a quick and capable tire that won’t drag you down and still rail through turns.

Inspired by studless winter vehicle snow tires, Cake Eater was designed to have lower center tread height with deep siping for lower rolling resistance while the side lugs remained tall and edgy for biting into soft corners. Studs pockets were added in the transition areas for optional added cornering confidence in icy conditions.

Cake Eater. Ready to Ride.


27.5x2.8 60 tpi Tough Folding ~1028gr

27.5x2.8" 120 tpi light folding ~833gr

29x2.8" 60 tpi tough folding ~1132gr

29x2.8" 120 tpi light folding ~925gr

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