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Flat Tip Studs - for Bike Tires

Flat Tip Studs - for Bike Tires

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The most affordable way to stud your bike tires! For tires with pre-formed pockets, our flat tip studs offer great traction and excellent value. The flat tip grabs by the sharp cylinder edge, working like fingernails for your tires. They are durable, and when properly installed and seated they will stay in your tires with minimal losses.

  • Available in packs of 25, 50, 100, 250, 500
  • Aluminum body, Tungsten carbide tip
  • Weeight: 0.25 g per stud
  • Works in any bike tires with pre-formed pockets (not for traditional tires without pockets meant for studs). We have yet to find a pocketed tire these dont' fit.
  • Great for fat bike tires
  • Compatible replacements for most factory-studded tires, including commuters, mountain bikes, and fat bikes.
  • Stud insertion tool available separately
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