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Pro Series Shock Absorbing Grip System with fully adjustable feel from ultra firm to ultra soft.  This is our Top Shelf grip system complete with aluminum bar ends, tuning kit, assembly tools, lightened clamps and your choice of colored grips and clamps.  Everything needed to install and adjust your grip system is in the box.  Choose your size, grip color, and clamp color.  Some assembly required.  Once you have a set, all of the soft goods (Grip, Inserts, etc.) can be replaced for $35.  30-Day Money Back Guarantee

What are you getting for $30 more than the Race Series? Lightened clamps with color options, grips with color choice, tuning kit and hex wrenches.  All Race and Pro Series parts are interchangeable. 

Everything listed below is included in the box.

  • - (2) Grip Sleeves   
  • - (4) Ultra Light Aluminum Clamps   
  • - (18) Shock Absorbing Inserts
  • -(8) Tuning Washers   
  • - (2) Aluminum Bar End Assemblies   
  • - (5) Clamp Screws   
  • -(1) 2.5mm Hex Wrench   
  • - (1) 3mm Hex Wrench

Pictured above is a sectional view of the Grip Assembly. This grip is different than any other grip because it  DOES NOT make contact with your Handlebar.  The Inner Diameter of the Grip is approximately 1/8 of an inch larger than the Outside Diameter of the handlebar.   This unique design allows the Grip to work independent from your handlebar and isolated from shock and vibration.  Tuning washers are used to customize feel and performance from ultra soft to ultra firm and anywhere in between.

     Pictured below are the Assembly Instructions (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD PDF)
Grip Sleeve (A) Free Floats within the Shock Absorbing Inserts (C) that are contained inside the Lock-On Clamps (E).  The Grip's torsional (twist) and axial (up-down) movement is limited and controlled by the Shock Absorbing Inserts (C).  The grip feel and shock absorbing characteristics are adjusted with the tuning washers (B) or a combination of inserts as described below. 
    The only part of the system making contact with your handlebar is the clamp itself, which contains the shock absorbing inserts that capture your grip and allow controlled and adjustable shock absorption.  See FAQ's for more information.

The REVGRIPS Pro Series Shock Absorbing Grip System Handlebars is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

Inventory Last Updated: Aug 04, 2020