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Lauf Trail Racer Boost - XC and Plus Size Bikes

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All Lauf forks are special order.


The Lauf TR Boost is based on the proven Lauf Trail Racer 29 but with an all new structure and 110mm hub spacing. The fork is made for XCM racing, featuring superb small bump sensitivity, zero maintenance and a 5 year warranty. 

Wheels                     29″ up to 2.8″ wide or 27.5″ up to 3.0″
Travel                       60mm / 2.35” travel
Weight                     1000g / 2.20 lbs
Unsprung weight   260g unsprung weight
Spring Rate            Regular (over 65kg riders) and Light (under 70kg riders)
Axle                        15mm Lauf thru axle
Hub Spacing          110mm
Rake                       49mm
Axle to crown        485mm
Steerer                   Tapered 1 1/8” - 1 1/2” (uncut length 250mm)
Min rotor size        180mm
Max tire width       2.8″ (29″) or 3.0″ (27.5+)
Rider weight limit 110kg / 243lbs   
S2 Springs
The springs on the Lauf Trail Racer are made of military spec S2 glassfiber that is extremely tough on hits and flexible in the direction of the travel. The springs have been “shocked” in our test lab over 400.000 times reaching 40mm amplitude every time.
The Lauf Trail Racer has 60mm of travel with progressive spring rate. This means that the further the fork compresses the springs become stiffer. This helps keeping the fork from bottoming out while staing sensitive to small bumps.
Zero Maintenance
The design of the Lauf Trail Racer is based around eliminating all “moving parts”, and therefore, friction and maintenance. The monocoque carbon fiber structure delivers incredible strength, and the test-fork we have in our lab has already been “shocked” over 170 thousand times, without showing any signs of wear and tear. That equals more mountain-biking than you’ll manage to cram into at least 5 years of action!
Warranty & Crash Replacement
The Lauf Fork is warranted for five years from sale date to the original owner of the fork. If your fork is older than five years and something happens, please e-mail us anyways to warranty@laufforks.com because we still care about you. If you happen to crash and somehow brake the fork we got you covered. Lauf offers 50% discount from the MSRP to the original owner of the fork. Please send an e-mail to warranty@laufforks.com with a photo of the product and a short description. We’ll be in touch shortly.   

Lauf TR29 Package Includes

Lauf Trail Racer suspension fork

15mm Lauf through-axle (RS-compatible)


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